Silico Manganese


Silico Manganese is produced depending on the resources available, either from silicious manganese ores or from manganese rich slags that are a by-product of Ferro Manganese production. It is used in its own right as an additive in the steel industry as a deoxidant or utilised in the production of other manganese alloys.

Silico Manganese was first produced in the early 20th Century when Calcium Carbide furnaces were reconverted to produce ferro alloys. The typical chemistry of Silico Manganese is Manganese 65%, Silicon 14%-16%, and Carbon 2% or lower. Worldwide production of Silico Manganese exceeds that of Ferro Manganese of all grades and totals approximately 7.5 million tons.

Silicon reduces the solubility of carbon in manganese alloys so carbon contents are inversely proportional to the silicon content. Therefore Silico Manganese is also used as an intermediary product for further processing into refined lower carbon ferro manganese grades.

Chemical Analysis

Standard Material %
Mn 65-70%
Si 15% min
C 2% max
P 0.2% max (low P available on request)
S 0.02% max


  • Big bags on pallets


  • 3-10mm
  • 5-10mm
  • 10-80mm