Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese


When liquid Silico Manganese is reacted with Manganese Ore or a high MnO rich slag, the silicon is oxidised increasing the Mn content of the alloy without an increase in the carbon content. This method is commonly used in South Africa to produce grades of refined (Medium and Low Carbon) Ferro Manganese with Mn 75%-80% and higher with varying carbon contents from 0.1% to 2%. The price of the alloys increases as the carbon content is reduced and unlike standard Ferro Manganese is usually sold per unit of manganese contained.

Chemical Analysis

Standard Material %
Mn 78-85%
C 1.5% max
Si 1% max
P 0.2% max
S 0.05% max


  • Drums on a pallet


  • 5-50mm
  • 10-50mm