Low Carbon Ferro Chrome

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome is produced by reducing chrome ore with Ferro Silicon Chromium, typically the chrome contents are minimum 60% with carbon contents ranging from 0.03% to 0.15% sometimes higher depending on the origin. It is used for trimming additions in stainless steel production as well as other specialist applications. It is added by stainless steel producers in the last stages of production to add precise amounts of chrome without affecting the carbon levels. An intermediate-carbon ferro chrome is produced by further refining of Charge Chrome by blowing oxygen and steam through hot molten Charge Chrome to reduce the silicon and carbon levels. Typically the carbon is reduced to below 1.5%.

Chemical Analysis

Standard Material %
Cr 60% min
C 0.03% max or 0.06% max or 0.1% max or 0.15% max

Aerospace grade available on request


  • Drums on pallets


  • 5-50mm
  • 10-100mm